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We always encourage students to tackle subjects and themes they are interested in and feel passionate about. So when we asked the 6-12 year olds what they wanted to make a film about they said…. Zombies. Here it is. You might need a pillow to hide behind. It’s pretty scary!

We made this film for Caritas Care to celebrate their AGM and of course the extra ordinary people that are part of this fantastic organisation. Caritas Care do amazing work and it was an honour to be asked to work with them.

We have fond memories of this period of time working at Crossways Day Centre. This was our first attempt at creating these bespoke music videos and a lovely time. Miss you all at Crossways tremendously!

We were thrilled to be asked to create something special for Integrate to celebrate 30 incredible years. It was an honour to meet and work with people that had been able to leave hospitals and join Integrate and lead full and independant lives. We tried to relect this journey in their music video ‘Say Something’.


After 2 years of working with Jigsaw Theatre Company, a theatre group working with adults with learning difficulties, Mel was thrilled to be able to showcase the amazing work they had been doing as well as the remarkable talent.

Flag waving 1HomelessPuppet on stringsPuppet with no stringsPuppet with shadowsRound the binsigningFlag waving 2


Christmas 2013 saw each of the classes perform their own version of  the classic pantomime Snow White, starting with the Preston adults who took on a modern interpretation of a feminist Snow White living with a group of community service users.

The Queen makes her moveFinding Snow White dead!!!!!"It's behind you""What's so funny Tiffany"When true love blossomedThe Service Users"Go On Dear, eat it!""Don't kill me Oddjob"Dotty Do-it-all give it her all"Will you marry me?" "No"King & MuddlesIs Snow White a bit tipsy?


The following week it was the younger classes that wowed the audience with the more traditional version of the Pantomime.

Dotty & Muddles do a danceIntroducing the dwarvesSnow white eating appleSnow White & 3 dwarvesQueen charming Prince CharmingOpening DanceMuddles on matchdotcomWoken by true love's kissWhere's the ghostThe long suffering mirrorThe evil QueenSnow white is dead


In the summer of 2013 Meladrama performed 4 short plays looking at the subject ‘The Loss of Innocence’.

The first part of Carefully Lost explores the devastating effects of child sex abuse, in particular the notoriously difficult process of bringing the perpetrators to court as an adult.


Carefully Lost Part 2 explores the devastating effects of Social Binge Drinking and drug using amongst teenagers.

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