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Interested in Drama? Want to learn to act? Meet new people? Have some fun? Click the image above for all the information on our acting class venues and times.

Are you an actor or disabled actor seeking representation? Or a Casting Director looking for talent? Click the image above for details of all the actors on our books, bios and links to their spotlight pages.

Mel also facilitates performing arts workshops, drama therapy courses and educational drama programmes for various educational, community and corporate groups.


Find out what’s on at Meladrama this term

Lights, Camera, Action!

This term at Meladrama we will be looking at Acting for TV. Learning from industry professionals sharing their tricks of the trade and giving you the chance to star in your very own movie.

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Latest News

Top Tips for helping your child learn their lines!

We are in the third week of rehearsals for my modern day adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and it’s all kicked off already! Parents angry, kids crying (or doing a cracking job of...

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Top Tips for ‘stage mums’ that can’t afford the drama!

The lengths parents go to in a bid for their child's dreams of TV stardom never cease to amaze me. I have lost count of the number of parents (and wanna be actors) that have come to me...

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